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Top 10 Reasons to buy a Fuji X-T3

What’s up guys, Sagi here and welcome to another Tech Gear Talk. Today I’m going to give you 10 reasons to buy the new Fuji X-T3. Fuji has been a strong performer in the photography world and with the X-T3 it introduces some powerful features targeted at videographers.

If you’re looking for one camera that is fantastic for both photography and video, this might be the best value available at this time. I have done a more detailed review of the Fuji X-T3 and I’ll link to it in the description below, but today I wanted to give you my top 10 reasons for buying the Fuji X-T3.

The X-T3 offers some significant improvements over what was already an impressive camera in the X-T2. So in no particular order, let’s get to the list.

1. Fuji X-T3 Excellent Stills Image Quality

Fuji X-T3 Low Light Portrait

The first reason to buy the X-T3 is excellent stills image quality. I have been super impressed with the X-T3’s image quality. The low-light performance has been great and I have been very happy with the color and dynamic range.
Fuji X-T3 Architecture

I absolutely love the images that this camera produces and it has been super fun to use. It took a bit of time to get familiar with the manual controls, but the results have been outstanding. The X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor is designed to mimic the organic nature of film and produce nuanced colors and tonal transitions. I make sure to shoot in different conditions in order to really push this camera, and for the price, I think it’s hard to beat.

2. Fuji X-T3 New Processor

Fuji X-T3 Processor

The number 2 reason to buy the X-T3 is the new processor. Fuji used the X-Processor 4 which uses four CPUs for better and faster image processing. Together with a great APS-C sensor, you’re going to get sharper images and video, really nice low light performance and improved autofocus. The X-Processor 4 also makes the camera really fast to operate. The X-T3 is very nice and responsive for both video and stills. General menu operation is fast, it has a very quick startup and things like Image preview and video playback again are very fast.

3. Fuji X-T3 Continuous/Burst Shooting

Fuji X-T3 Continuous Burst Shooting

The number 3 reason to buy the X-T3 is fast continuous or burst shooting which is another advantage of the improved processing power. X-T3 can shoot 11fps burst, or continuous, shooting with continuous autofocus when using the mechanical shutter.

This means that you can hold the shutter down and the camera will fire 11 exposures in a second. This is a fantastic feature for shooting moving subjects and it allows you to very quickly take a whole bunch of shots and then pick the one that you like best.

So if you’re at a sporting event, photographing your kids running around or trying to get a great shot of a pet, this is something you’re going to love. If you’re willing to use the electronic shutter, and add a 1.25x crop, you can shoot at up to 30fps…. That’s just absurdly fast.

4. Fuji X-T3 Autofocus

Fuji X-T3 Autofocus Points

The number 4 reason to buy the X-T3 is improved autofocus. The X-T3 uses an autofocus system with over 2M phase-detection points for quick and precise AF performance and subject tracking. This system pretty much covers the entire sensor and focusing can be achieved down to -3 EV (or exposure value). This is a huge improvement over the X-T2 which was able to do -1 EV.

In practical terms this translates to being able to attain accurate focus in low light. The autofocus system isn’t just more sensitive it’s also faster when using AF-C or continuous mode when recording video.

5. Fuji X-T3 Face/Eye Detection

Fuji X-T3 Eye Detection Autofocus

The number five reason to buy the Fuji X-T3 is related to autofocus. I’m talking about Face/Eye Detection. This system has been completed re-worked and again, thanks to the very powerful processor and the extensive phase-detection coverage we discussed, is now much more powerful. The X-T3 is pretty good at finding faces and will focus on either left, right or auto-selected eye, depending on your settings.

This is a fantastic feature for portrait photography where it consistency delivers the type of precision and accuracy I look for. This makes it easy to focus on your framing and not have to worry about where your selected autofocus point might be. In practice, it lets you reframe shots much more quickly because you don’t have to move the AF point every time you reframe.

6. Fuji X-T3 10-bit 4k video capture

Fuji X-T3 4K 4:2:2

The number 6 reason to buy the X-T3 is 10-bit video recording. As I mentioned earlier, Fuji made a concerted effort to improve the video capabilities in this camera. And the X-T3 can internally record 4K60p at 4:2:0 10-bit. You can also record a 4k60p at 4:2:2 10-bit via the HDMI output. Now both of these options are available at up to 400 Mb/s and you can also simultaneously record internally and externally.
Fuji X-T3 4:2:0

These are extremely impressive options coming from such a small form factor and the video quality is outstanding. You can also record Full HD or 1080p at up to 120fps which enables us to do some really nice slow motion.

7. Fuji X-T3 Microphone and Headphone Jack

Fuji X-T3 Microphone Jack

The number 7 reason to buy the X-T3 is audio options. I love that the X-T3 has a 3.5mm mic input. That’s a great feature if you want higher production value because it allows me to use an external mic instead of the on camera one.

So I can easily connect a shotgun mic and I’m all set!. This a really nice compact setup, it’s light, you’ll get great video and great audio, it’s just perfect for vlogging, shooting talking head video and really anytime where you want more directional sound pick up, instead of an omnidirectional microphone that will pick up sound from everywhere.

Fuji X-T3 Headphone Jack

Another awesome feature for video is that Fuji included a headphone jack. So now I can monitor my audio in realtime. This is an useful option for a lot of videographer, and being able to monitor audio can save a ton of time and frustration in post production.

8. Fuji X-T3 Dual SD slots

Fuji X-T3 Dual SD Slots

The number 8 reason to buy the X-T3 is the dual SD card slots. This camera has dual SD card slots which offer a more flexible and reliable means of storing your media. Just a few examples, you can set one slot for JPEGs and the other for RAW so that you end up with having both options later on. Or you can just choose to have the camera save the same file on both cards as immediate backup.

I’ve only had a card fail on me once in my life. It wasn’t with this camera, but I was so glad that I had an immediate backup of the footage because it would have been extremely difficult and costly to reproduce it.

9. Fuji X-T3 USB Charging

Fuji X-T3 USB Charging

The number 9 reason to buy the X-T3 is USB charging. Most mirrorless cameras are known to have pretty short battery life. The X-T3 is actually pretty good with a rating of 390 shots, but that’s still not going to last for you if you plan on shooting for an extended period of time. I normally recommend buying at least one extra battery or even two, just to make sure that you’re covered. I hate having to worry about power when I’m trying to focus on shooting.

But with the X-T3 you have another option. You can actually charge the battery using a USB-C cable. This makes it super convenient to take an external battery or power bank, whatever you want to call them and keep your camera charged. You can actually run your camera off of the power bank for long shoots or timelapse

10. Fuji X-T3 Outstanding Lens Options

Fuji X-T3 Lens Options

My number 10 reason to buy the X-T3 is an outstanding selection of lenses. This is definitely not the least important reason, in fact, I would probably put it towards the very top of the list if I ordered it that way.

There are new mirrorless cameras on the market that suffer from extremely limited lens options. Sure, you can expand that with adapters for the most part but that’s an extra piece of equipment you need to use which adds to the size of the system. And for the most part, the lenses you use with adapters are larger and heavier. Fuji has a fantastic line of lenses available for the X-T3. There are a ton of super fast primes and some really nice zoom lenses. And what’s great is that some of them are really affordable so you can get some great performance without having to spend a ton of money.

I’ll put some links in the description to some of my favorite lenses and there are some great sales going on right now so those links will always be updated with the lowest prices.
Should I buy the Fujifilm X-T3? I think the Fuji X-T3 is near the top of the list if not right at the top when it comes for mirrorless cameras that are outstanding for both photography and video. In terms of value, it is extremely difficult to beat.

We’ve got:

  • Outstanding image quality for stills
  • A powerful new processor
  • Super fast continuous or bust shooting
  • An improved autofocus system
  • Face/Eye Detection
  • Powerful video capabilities with up to 10-bit 4k60 video
  • A microphone and headphone jack for better audio and realtime monitoring
  • Dual SD slots for flexible and reliable media storage
  • USB charging for extended use
  • And and outstanding line of lens options

I would love to know what you think of this list and what are some other reasons you might like the Fuji X-T3. The body alone sells right for $1499 and the kit with the 18-55mm lens is $1899 which is an outstanding value. I’ll put links in the description because there are always specials and discounts and the links will be automatically updated with the lowest pricing.

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You know what I always say, buy it nice or buy it twice!

Good luck and see you soon.

Buy Fuji X-T3 Camera (updated):

Fuji X-T3 Body only
Fuji X-T3 Kit used (for review) in video

Great Additional Fuji X-T3 Lens Options:

FUJIFILM XF 23mm f/2 R WR Len
FUJIFILM XF 16mm f/1.4 R WR Lens
FUJIFILM XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS Lens
FUJIFILM XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Lens

Microphones for Fuji X-T3:

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone
Rode VideoMic GO
Rode VideoMic Pro
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

My favorite 3-axis Gimbals for Fuji X-T3:

Moza AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal
Ikan MS-PRO Beholder 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Beholder DS1 Handheld Stabilizer 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal


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