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RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger

We recently went to CES2017 and we brought quite a bit of equipment with us. In addition to walking around and checking out all the cool tech, we shot interviews and tested products.

One of the challenges we knew we would face was dealing with our batteries running out. We tackled this problem in 2 ways, we brought a few backup batteries of each kind and we also brought a portable power source.

We wanted to make sure that we had plenty of power and that we would be able to quickly charge multiple devices.

After looking at various options, we opted for this RAVPower battery pack. This portable charger stores 22000mAh. So to put that in perspective, the battery on an iphone 6 has a capacity of 1810 mAh and the iphone 7 1960.

This battery pack has 3 USB ports and each port as 2.4A max output. However, the max output for the device 5.8A. Either way, it lets you charge 3 devices at a time which was plenty for us.

Ismart 2.0 technology maximizes current and voltage to minimize charging time.

There are 4 led indicator lights that show you how much charge is left in the battery pack. You just press this button on the side and they light up.

Charging this battery pack is done via micro USB cable. The battery comes with 2 micro usb charging cables but does NOT with an actual charger so we had to use a charger from another device. It wasn’t really a big deal but I just wanted to make sure I point that out.

To help provide added protection, the exterior is made from fire-resistant shell. We pretty much abused this thing, it was tossed and banged around in our bags and it’s still working great.

It’s a little bigger and heavier than other external batteries we’ve used but that’s expected with the higher capacity.

We used a variety of cables during the show and this retractable one in particular was nice because it converts from type C to micro USB to lightning, so it saved us from having to bring so many cables. You just change this piece right here and you’ve exactly what you need. I’ll do another video about this cable but I just wanted to mention it because we used it in conjunction with the battery pack. I’ll put a link in the description for this cable. We got 2 for 13.99 plus free shipping so I think it was a great deal.

If you’re looking for a high-capacity portable charger, if you need to quickly charge multiple devices I’d recommend that you check out this RAVpower battery pack.

We bought it on sale for 39.99 Amazon and we’ll put a link in the description to help you get right to it.

If you have any questions about our experience with the RAVpower battery pack please drop me a comment.

RAVPower: http://amzn.to/2j2oC8T
Retractable 3 in 1 charging cable: http://amzn.to/2j2wlUd

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