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Luxli Orchestra Viola: A Multicolor LED Video Light

oday I want to talk about a brand new 5” Multi-color LED panel called the Orchastra Viola. This is a brand new product made by Luxli.

We have an instruction manual and a pretty solid ball joint  mount. We’ve got a ¼-/20 on top which will attach to the light and another ¼-20 and cold-shoe mount on the bottom. The battery charger. L-series sony battery 22000 mAh. You can get a larger battery if you want.


The battery goes on like this, just click the battery in and this is how you take it out. There is a ¼-20 on the bottom which you can attach to the provided ball mount. There is a DC input here for a power-adapter which will obviously let you use the light with no battery. Luxli didn’t include one with the light and I’m assuming that is because the main use of this light will be when you’re mobile. Plus, being an LED light this battery should last for a while.

There is a mini-usb-port that is used for firmware upgrades. Power button, shows you the battery charge and that bluetooth is up.On the side you have light intensity and color temperature. On the screen you can see the battery charge, bluetooth signal strength and color temperature.

You can toggle between color temperature and color output. Color temperature is continuously adjustable from 3000 to 10,000 degrees Kelvin. You can also set the output to fall on a color scale from 0 to 360° as might be found in common photo editing software. 3000 (incandesent) – Daylight 5600 – shade 7200 – all the way to 10000 K which could be great for fill light during sunrise or sunset.

Once you change it to RGB mode and go from 0 – 360 degrees. , you can go from green, cyan blue magenta red and back to green.

For such a small light the Viola really does put out a lot of light. I’ll put the Lux output ratings in the link below.


There are 3 diffusion panels 5, 20 and 40 degrees. Changing angle of light and different level of diffusion.

Of course you want to diffuse LED bc of the multiple diodes and difusing them makes them appear like a single light source.

I also get nauseated when I look directly at LEDs and can never have them pointed at me with no diffusion.


The app is called Conductor, just search for Luxli Conductor in the app store. At this point it is only available for iOS.

I couldn’t find any instructions on the app but I think I figured most of it out.

There is a whole bunch of really cool stuff you can do:

  1. Obviously you can control intensity
  2. You can control color temperature in both K and RGB modes
  3. You can actually select a color from the scene that you phone’s camera sees. So basically point it at anything then click on it and the Viola will match the color
  4. Or you can can slide your finger across a section of the image and the Viola will match the overall color as well

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