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iON Wireless Qi Charging System from iOttie

Today I want to look at the iON Wireless Qi charging system from iOttie.

The system consists of 3 parts, iON wireless charging pad, the powerpack external battery and the iON wireless Qi charging case. Of course if your smartphone is Qi wireless charging enabled, you don’t need the case but I’ve been using it with an iphone 6 which obviously can’t be charged wirelessly so I’m using the iOttie case.

I feel like user adaptation for wireless charging has been really slow, that it’s true even for users of phone that offer wireless charging right out of the box.

I think that maybe people don’t exactly understand it and so they overlook the feature and think, I’ve always just plugged my phone and that works so I’ll just keep doing that. But if you take a moment to really think about it and then embrace the concept I think you’ll see that it does offer an enhanced user experience.

iON Wireless Charging Pad

The first part of the system is the iON Wireless charging pad. You can see that on the top of the charging pad there is a an anti-slip ring which keeps your device from sliding off and also creates a target for optimal charging position.

There are actually 3 coils that cover the top of the charging pad. They don’t actually increase the speed of the charge but they do create a larger area that can charge your phone so if you don’t put exactly in the right spot you should still be able to charge it.

iON Wireless Qi Charging Case

The wireless Qi Charging Case has a Qi wireless adapter built in which then connects to the iphone lightning port and therefore allows it to charge wirelessly. If you’re still using wired headphones iOttie provided a 3.5mm Male to Female extension cable that you can just keep attached to your headphones. Although I found that I can still fit the earpods even without the extension cable.

The case has these green protective rubber bumpers which provide additional cushion to help protect the phone.

And then finally, there is a curb to the bottom of the case which directs sound out from the speaker and then into the microphone.

In case you ever want to charge your phone using a traditional cable, you can open the bottom and then plug the charging cable as you normally would.

Powerpack External Battery

The third component is the PowerPack which is a 3400 mAh external battery.

So now you can take the powerpack with you in your car, take it to work, out to lunch or pretty much anywhere you go and you’ll be able to charge your phone anywhere.

There are 4 LED indicators which show you the current charge of the PowerPack. You simply click the status button and they will light up.

On the side you will see a port cover which will helps protect the USB port which you I use for my lightning cable so I can charge my iphone, and a micro USB port which can be used to charge the powerpack if you’re not using the iON charging pad.

The Full System

Now let’s look at how the system works together. We’ll start out by plugging the charging pad using the provided charger and micro usb cable. You’ll see that the green LED indicator light flash once letting you know that the the charging pad is ready to go. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

I’ve got my iphone in the wireless charging case and all I need to do is place it on the charging pad and you’ll see that the green indicator light flashes once on the charging pad to let me know that it identified the phone and it’s now charging. Of course I can look at the phone itself and see that it’s charging.

Ok, now to the powerpack. When I saw the box I was a little disappointed because the box was larger than I expected. But that’s only because iOttie included a micro usb cable which took up some space. This thing is tiny and easily fits in my pocket.

You’ll see that the powerpack has these power pins on the back which line up with the pin on the back of the charger. There is a sticker on the top of it so it’s pretty hard to mess it up.

I love the fact that it fits into the wireless charging pack because it keeps everything clean and I don’t have to have multiple cables hanging from my desk.

You can charge the powerpack and the phone at the same time which is great.

I love wireless charging

So honestly I was sold on wireless charging within about a minute. It’s kinda funny, all this time it was sort of something I knew about but for some reason wasn’t overly compelled to try. Now that I have, There is no way I’m going back.

I know it takes a couple of seconds to plug my phone in and I can’t really explain why I get so much joy from this, but I really do. The convenience of not having to worry about wires. The ability to easily pick up the phone for a minute and then put it back down is something I just didn’t think I would like as much as I do.
Wireless charging is also great because my lightning cables would always break after a few months and stop working.

Also, now that I have this case I notice charging pads in all types of places, Airports, hotels, coffee shops, and it’s nice to be able to get a quick charge.

Finally, what’s great about wireless charging is that it’s more universal than charging cables so as wireless chargers grow in popularity, it becomes easier to charge various devices such as different brand phones, smartwatches, tablets on the same charger rather than using multiple cables.

The only downside I can think of is that the wireless charging speed is about 75% of what you would get if you were wired. But what I found is that it’s offset by the fact that there are many times when I forget to plug my phone in, both at my desk or when I go to sleep.

As I mentioned I’m completely sold on wireless charging and I love this bundle from iOttie

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iOttie iON Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Pad: http://amzn.to/2oJmV6j
iOttie iON Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Powerpack: http://amzn.to/2oSTM9b
iOttie iON Wireless Qi Wireless Charging PadiOttie iON Wireless Qi Charging Receiver Case: http://amzn.to/2pPsMVB

I received the iON Wireless charging system from iOttie in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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