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Canon M50 Bad Battery Life Solved! How to get Better Battery Life!

Are you looking for better battery life on your Canon M50? The Canon M50 was one of the most popular cameras of 2018 for beginner photographers, videographers and content creators. And while it has a long list of strengths which I have covered in a few other videos, one of the its few weaknesses is battery life. So today I’m going to show you three ways to solve the Canon M50 weak battery life problem. If you’ve watched my detailed review, or my Canon M50 top 10 frequently asked questions video, you’ve probably heard me recommend that you buy at least one additional battery, if you plan on using the M50 all day for both photography and video. And while I initially did this, I found some options that I like even better.

Canon M50 Eco Mode

The first solution for the Canon M50 weak battery life is to use Eco mode. The M50 uses an LP-E12 rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it’s rated for 235 shots per charge – and that’s when using the EVF or LCD. There is an Eco mode that darkens the LCD almost immediately after taking a picture or even after getting focus. This helps preserve the battery and can boost the battery life to up to about 370 shots. To turn Eco mode on click on the MENU button, go to FUNCTION SETTINGS->PAGE 2->ECO MODE, click on it and set it to ON. This is a great feature if you’re taking the M50 out for the day and will primarily use it for shooting pictures. But that doesn’t solve the battery life problem if you’re shooting video – that’s where the next two solutions come into play.

Canon M50 Continuous Power AC adapter

The next solution, is one that I use when I’m in the studio, or when I’m streaming with the M50. I did some research and I found an AC adapter that works for the M50 and gives me unlimited, continuous power. This means I can stream or shoot for hours and never have to worry about the battery running out. To use it, I remove the original battery, and replace it with a DC coupler that’s shaped like a battery. And this part was a little tricky, because I didn’t read the instructions, but rather than plugging it in now, you have to close the battery door, then flip this little rubber flap, and then plug the cable into the DC coupler. If you plug it in directly and don’t close the battery compartment, the camera won’t turn on. Make sure that it’s pressed all the way in, and then plug the other end into an outlet. If you want to be extra safe, you can use a piece of gaffer’s tape to secure the connection. You are now good to go and can use the M50 for as long as you want. Literally, I’ve used it for hours with no problems. This also happens to work for the Canon EOS M, M2, M10 and M100.

Canon M50 Continuous Power USB Adapter

Alright, so the first solution worked great for photos. The second solution worked great for photos and video, as long as you have access to an outlet. But what if you want to be on the go, but still want virtually unlimited power? That’s where this third solution comes into play. It’s similar to the second solution and uses a DC coupler again, but instead of plugging it into an outlet, this accessory plugs into a USB power source. So I can actually use this adapter with an outlet, as long as I use the USB charger that came with it, but more important, I can take a portable charger and use it on the go. I’ve used this for an entire day and had plenty of power left over. So instead of the 875 mAh that the LP-E12 has, I’m using a portable charger with over 20,000 mAh. I usually put a piece of gaffer’s tape again, just to be sure, then put the portable charger in my pocket and I’m good to go all day.

Another thing that I love about this solution, is that if I’m driving from place to place, I can charge the portable charger while in my car. And I was always bringing these with me anyways, because I don’t ever want to worry about my phone running out of battery, so now I’m just using it for both my phone and the M50.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so these are three ways I got around the battery life limitation of the Canon M50. Of course you can buy additional batteries if you don’t want to rely on another accessory, and don’t like the idea of a wire. An official LP-E12 battery from Canon costs $51 at B&H – there are some third-party options that are much more affordable and I’ll include a few links to some of my favorites. I’m interested in knowing which of these solutions works for you and whether you have any other ideas that might work.

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M50 Battery Adapters:
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