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November, 2016 | Tech Gear Talk - Tech Product Reviews and Tutorials

Netgear Orbi: A Detailed Review

I shot this video to help explain why I bought the Netgear Orbi. I live in a 100-year old stone House and one of the problems I experienced since moving […] continue reading

DJI Osmo Pro / RAW Z-Axis Boat Ride

I recently did a review of the DJI Osmo Pro/RAW Z-Axis. I included very little footage because it was literally the day I got it. I’ve since had a chance […] continue reading

Osmo Pro Z-Axis preview 1080P 60FPS

This is a very short video as a followup to the DJI Osmo Pro / Osmo Raw Z-Axis Review and Sample Footage. I wanted to show the same shot original […] continue reading

DJI Osmo Pro / Osmo Raw Z-Axis Review and Sample Footage

I pre-ordered the new DJI Z-axis for the Osmo Pro/RAW and just received it. If you’re not familiar the the DJI Osmo it is a hand-held stabilizer that can be […] continue reading

6 Monitor Setup Tutorial

Over the years, I gradually moved from one monitor, to 2 and finally 3. Because of what I do, I always felt like I couldn’t have enough programs opened at the […] continue reading

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